who we are

CTS strives to create a safer environment for our clients to live and work

CTS delivers tailor-made safety, security and protection services by utilizing a highly qualified team comprised of multi-dimensional skillsets ensuring a holistic approach. The most popular services are close protection for high-profile individuals, specialized armed response, stock theft, and anti-poaching.

Our client-centric approach ensures that exceptional service levels are maintained at all times making us the number one choice of companies who recognize and value excellence. We believe that through our knowledge and skills our customers significantly increase the ability to handle and predict threatening situations.

Our Mission

Through our integrated world-class security service, CTS strives to create a safer environment for our clients to live and work in whilst maintaining cost efficiency and increased quality and reliability.

Business Ethics

At Core Tactical Services we will only commit to a project or contract unless we unequivocally believe that we have the necessary resources to meet and deliver what the project requires, nor will we enter into any contract that does not conform to the same morals and principles as we do.

The Team

We have built a team of highly specialized personnel with backgrounds in elite military training, specialist law enforcement, and premier international security training. This highly experienced and qualified team gives us the flexibility to facilitate an all-encompassing solution for your safety and security needs. The company is privately owned and we pride ourselves on our core values: Superior service, consistency, and total assignment discretion.

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