experience matters


Blue Group

Tactical Response | Guarding | Farm Protection

Our Response Units consist of expertly trained officers with extensive experience in Tactical Shooting, Tactical First Aid and Surveillance . . .


Grey Group

Riot Control | Anti-Poaching | Agri Protection

Our highly trained operatives are recruited from military and law enforcement backgrounds to ensure that they possess the necessary skills and expertise . . .

black group 2

Black Group

Armed Escort | SWAT | K9

CTS has the necessary infrastructure to offer you a professional and effective armed escort services for all assets in transit.

blue group 10

Red Group

Tech Support | Monitoring | Security & Surveillance 

CTS has a state-of-the-art control room from where all our projects are monitored and coordinated.


Farm safety is unarguably becoming one of the most specialized areas in the security industry. Managing to protect vast areas of land in remote settings is often not financially viable shifting the focus rather to the protection of sensitive and vulnerable areas such as the homesteads, livestock, specific crops, machinery, storage facilities, and generators. A combination of our specially trained officers and advanced surveillance and security equipment can offer a reliable security solution within a reasonable budget.

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